Temporary Novice Monk Ordination program

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Temporary Novice Monk Ordination program

Fri 01 2019

Organized by Lumbini Pariyatti Center Gautami Vihar, Lumbini

The provision of providing Dhamma Education to the young school children of the Lumbini is the key to develop the future of Lumbini. If we provide intellectually stimulation and morally correct education to the children, they will grow as successful citizens of the Nation. In order to promote such education, Lumbini Pariyatti Center aims to continue the noble tradition of providing high quality and holistic education to the younger generation of Lumbini, by imparting them with the necessary knowledge, skills, and most importantly, non sectarian and moral values. Lumbini Pariyatti Center is going to organize a Novice Monk Ordination Program where the young children can learn about moral education based on Buddhism and Buddhist practices. It is a 1-weeks’ time period that they all will stay overnight at Lumbini Gyan Prabha school. The first week they will be trained for their ordination ceremonies and how to make request for ordination and taking 10 precepts for Novice-monk (Samanera), and they will learn about meditation and some important Dharma topics from the teaching monks before their ordination ceremonies, such as life of the Buddha, a standard moral guideline of the 5 precepts, the 8 precepts and 10 precepts and the Laws of Karma. They will also learn how much they owe to their parents and how to pay back their debt of gratitude to the parents.

The Ordination ceremony would be in December, 2018 We would like to invite all to come and observe and support the training program.

The Program Aim:

1. To educate the younger generation of Lumbini on the rich teachings and heritage of Buddhism and Peace.

2. To assist them in cultivating faith and devotion to the Buddha-Sāsana and gear them towards self-development.

3. To make them all-rounded and successful individuals by imparting the necessary knowledge, skills and values needed in life.

4. To establish in their young minds the will to protect and propagate the Buddha-Sāsana for future generations.