Muni Vihara


Nepal has high profile in world Buddhism. It is not only being the native country of Buddha but also is the region where Buddhism has been strong throughout the history since its inception. Buddhis...

Objectives of the Study

This thesis is prepared aiming the following targets

  1. To make it clear  that Buddhism is a historical  religion  in Nepal.
  2. To give knowledge of the main historical events conc...

मुनि विहारको परिचय

निर्माता मुनि बुद्धाचार्यको नामबाट बोलचालीमा मुनि विहार भनी चिनिने यो विहारको औपचारिक नाम श्री धर्म्म उत्तम महाविहार हो । सन् १६५५ (ने.स. ७७६) मा निर्माण भएदेखि नै विहार व्यवस्थापनक...